Williamstown Township

Treasurer's Office

Township Treasurer & Deputy Treasurer

Jill Cutshaw
(517) 655-3193 ext. 304
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Kim VanErp
(517) 655-3193 ext. 306
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At the October 12, 2022 Board of Trustees meeting, our auditors presented an overview of our recent audit of our financial records from FY 21/22.  You can read the full report here: Independent Audit for Williamstown Township – FY 2021/2022 .

The Township is in excellent financial health and the Board will continue to monitor revenue and expenditures throughout the year.

Just a reminder

Winter property tax bills mailed on December 1. If you did not receive a tax bill by December 15, you can get the information from our website by clicking Online Property Tax Information or contact the Township Hall and we will send you a new bill.

The office will be open December 28 from 9 am to 7 pm for tax payments. The last day the office will be open in 2022 is December 29th. Winter property taxes are due February 14th by 5 pm. The office will be open from 9 am to 5 pm for property tax payments on February 14th. After 5 pm, a 3% penalty will be added.

Taxes may be paid by:

  • Mail – postmarks cannot be accepted as payment date. (Make check payable to Williamstown Township)
  • Drop slot by the front door at the Township Hall or white drop box along the north driveway.
  • Online credit card payment; click this link (there is a 3% fee for this service).
  • Electronic check, click here (there is a $3 fee for under $10,000; $10 for anything over).
  • Independent Bank at the corner of Grand River and Zimmer Rds. (You must have your payment stub with you.)
  • In person at the Township office with cash, check or credit card. (Masks must be worn.) When paying with cash, please have correct change.

Remember to indicate on your tax stub if you would like a receipt sent to you. Please include your email address if you would like a receipt by email.

For those paying by check, your taxes are not considered paid until the check clears the bank. Any NSF checks incur a charge of $30 in addition to the taxes still owed.

Taxes still owed on February 14th after 5 pm will incur an additional 3% penalty.

The last day property taxes may be paid at the Township office is February 28th. On March 1st all unpaid bills are turned over to the Ingham County Treasurer for collection. Payments after February 28 should be sent or paid in person at the County Treasurer’s Office at the Mason Courthouse. Please check bsaonline.com for current payment amount or call the County Treasurer’s Office at 517-676-7220 for the exact amount owed.

General Information
Tax Information

Property Taxes

The Treasurer’s Office is required by law to receive and take charge of all funds belonging to the Township and those which are required by law to be paid into the Township Treasury. The Treasurer is also required to pay out funds to local school districts. In Williamstown Township, these include Williamston, Okemos, Haslett, Perry, Ingham Intermediate Schools, Shiawassee RESD and Lansing Community College. Other governmental units also receive tax money from Williamstown Township, according to the district’s tax rate.

Summer Taxes: Summer taxes are mailed out every year on July 1st. The due date is September 14th by 5pm (or next business day if that day falls on a weekend or holiday).  After that date, 1% interest charge is added to the balance due, as well as on the first of each month the obligation remains unpaid. On February 14, a 3% penalty will also be added to the amount still owed. On March 1st, any unpaid balance will be turned over as delinquent to the Ingham County Treasurer.

Winter Taxes: Winter taxes are mailed out every year on December 1st. The due date is February 14th by 5pm (or next business day if that day falls on a weekend or holiday).  After that date, a 3% penalty is added to the amount due. On March 1st, any unpaid balance will be turned over as delinquent to the Ingham County Treasurer.

Personal Property Taxes: Personal Property taxes are collected by the Treasurer's office year-round. Ingham County is not involved in collecting delinquent personal property taxes. If you need to make arrangements to pay these taxes, give the Township Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer a call.

Treasurer Statutory Duties

  • Collects real and personal property taxes
  • Keeps an account of township
    receipts (revenues) and expenditures
  • Disburses township checks
  • Deposits township revenues
    in approved depositories
  • Invests township funds
    in approved investment vehicles
  • Collects delinquent personal property tax
  • Responsible for jeopardy assessments in collecting delinquent personal property tax
  • Collects mobile home specific tax
  • Must appoint a deputy

"Duties" Courtesy of the Michigan Township Association

Audit Reports - Financial Reports and Audit for Williamstown Township - FY 2021/2022

Taxes are mailed out every year on July 1st and December 1st.  Correspondingly, they are due every year on September 14th and February 14th (unless the date falls on a weekend or holiday, in which case they are due on the next business day).

If you do not receive a tax bill, please contact the Township Hall and we will send a new one, or you can get the amount due by clicking Online Property Tax Information (this also applies to receipts).  Please be advised that it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to pay their property taxes timely, whether a tax bill has been received or not.  Failure to physically receive a bill does not excuse the obligation or due date.  

Taxable Value (TV)

TV is the figure which is used to calculate your taxes. Multiplying the TV by the millage rate, then dividing by 1,000 will determine your tax liability. TV can increase from year to year up to the rate of inflation or 5%, whichever is lower. Transfers of ownership, which “uncap” the TV, and improvements to the property can increase the TV more than the rate of inflation. TV cannot exceed the SEV for the property.

Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)

The PRE removes the school operating tax from your bill. On the tax bill or assessment change notice, the exemption is illustrated by a 100.00% if you are eligible or a 0.00% if you are not. You must file a Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Affidavit (Form 2368) with the Assessor’s office to claim the PRE. If you own and occupy a home as your principal residence by November 1st, you are entitled to a PRE for the current tax year and all subsequent tax levies (as long as the property remains your principal residence). PRE does not affect the summer tax levy in Williamstown Township because we do not collect for schools in the summer.

Five different ways to pay your property taxes:

  1.  Township Hall
    Summer and winter taxes may be paid with cash or check at the township office.

  2. By Mail
    Send your check with payment stub by mail to:

    Williamstown Township
    4990 Zimmer Road
    Williamstown, MI 48895-8180

    **Please not that tax payments need to actually arrive in the office in order to be processed postmarks will not be accepted as a payment date.

  3. 24 Hour Drop-off
    Leave your payments in the bronze drop slot beneath the bulletin board by the front entry of the Township Hall or white drop box on the front drive, only if payment is made by check, and the stub from the top of the tax bill is included with the check. Residents should not leave cash in the drop slot.

  4. At Independent Bank
    Cash of check payments may be made at Independent Bank, 1245 E, Grand River, Williamstown, MI (this location ONLY). You may pay the current season ONLY and you must have the stub from your tax bill.

  5. Pay Online
    Click HERE to use our on-line payment service. The service requires user registration and verification. There is a fee for the service.


Frequently Asked Questions

If possible, pay with a check rather than cash, and write your parcel number on your check for maximum safety. Your parcel number is the long number that begins with 33-03, and it is unique to your property. It is printed on your tax bill and tax receipt. Bring or mail in the stub from the top of your bill when paying. Pay the exact amount that you owe because overpayments and underpayments cause delay.

If a bank or mortgage company pays your taxes, we will mail a receipt to you only if you call to request one, or you can click on the "Online Property Tax Information" link to print your own.

Summer taxes are due on September 14. The law requires that one percent interest be charged for every month or portion of a month that they are overdue. If you have a bill from an earlier month, that amount will no longer be accurate. You can call our office at 655-3193 to find out the amount due in the month that you are paying.

The law also requires a three percent penalty for Summer property taxes that are paid after February 14. Each year on March 1, any unpaid real (residential) property taxes must be turned over to the Ingham County Treasurer for collection, and additional fees are assessed. The county treasurer will eventually begin foreclosure proceedings on properties with unpaid taxes.

Real and personal property taxes are assessed on December 31 of the previous year. If you own a home or a business on that day, they will be assessed to you. If you sell your home or business during the following year, you are still responsible for paying the bill. It is a common practice to negotiate with the buyer to pay you the amount of taxes for the portion of the year that the buyer will own the home or business.

Receipts for property tax payments can be requested at the time taxes are paid by checking the box on the lower part of the tax bill and returning it with the payment. Duplicate receipts for property tax payments are also available from the Treasurer’s office or by following the link on the website.