Williamstown Township

Cemeteries Department

Summit and Foote Cemeteries

Giving Families Peace of Mind for Centuries

It is the aim of the officers of the Cemetery Board to provide a quiet and beautiful resting place for our loved ones. They pledge to keep abreast of modern cemetery improvements, proper mode of burial and respectful observance of the sacredness of the place.

Artificial arrangements, wreaths and statues may be placed during the winter period (through April 1st).

These types of decorations remaining after April 1st will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel.

Cemetery Rules and Regualtions

Any type of glass or other fragile/breakable material is not allowed, and will be removed. No fencing, edging or decorative stone shall be placed around markers or monuments. All plantings and placements must be within 18 inches of the west side of monument/marker. If you are unsure about placements for your loved one’s grave, feel free to contact Sexton Mac Donnelly at 655-3193Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Funeral / Interment Scheduling

To schedule an interment, contact the Williamstown Township office at (517) 655-3193, respectfully giving 48 hours notice. If the office is closed, the message will provide you with the acting Sexton’s contact number. Please leave a brief message, including your chapel and name of deceased on the Township phone before contacting Sexton. Funeral/Cemetery Request Form

All payments for burial spaces and opening closing services must be delivered or mailed to:

Williamstown Township
4990 Zimmer Rd
Williamston, MI 48895

(Outside drop box is available if office is closed – Sexton cannot accept or be responsible for delivery of payment)

Fee Schedule

Monument Foundation Order

* Important: Foundations are poured twice a year in mid-April and mid-October, weather dependent. Most monuments can be set anytime with a temporary foundation. Please contact the Sexton with any questions at (517) 655-3193, extension 311.

All interments require a “Transit Permit” or “Certificate of Cremation” which shall be given to the Sexton at time of service. All interments require the presence of a licensed funeral director.

Williamstown Township does not provide vaults, tents, chairs, etc.

Columbarium Interment Responsibilities and Procedures

Niches in a brick columbarium


The columbarium is located beside the
cemetery drive at the top of the hill.

  • A representative from the servicing funeral home will notify Williamstown Township as soon as possible, but not less than 48 hours prior, regarding need for interment.
  • The family may meet with the Sexton at the Columbarium to choose desired niche – or may do so at the Township office.
  • The family, or their representative, shall come to the Williamstown Township office to designate niche, choose memorial inscription for niche faceplate and urn, and purchase aforementioned items.
  • The Sexton will issue and mail deed to family within 2 working days of purchase.
  • Upon receipt of faceplate and urn, Williamstown Township will deliver the urn to the requesting funeral home. Williamstown Township will not provide the service of, nor be responsible for, the placement of ashes into the urn – the family is required to use a licensed funeral home for this service.
  • The servicing funeral home will deliver the sealed urn containing the cremains to the Sexton at the cemetery.
  • The Sexton will provide the Columbarium interment at the pre-arranged time. The Sexton will be responsible for securing the memorial faceplate to the niche upon interment completion.

Cemetery Board

Wanda Bloomquist, Chair, Supervisor Township Board Representative
Jill Cutshaw, Treasurer
Pat Shelly, At-Large Representative
Mac Donnelly, Sexton
Gabriele Mayer, Township Representative
Noah Belanger, City of Williamston Representative

Memorial Day at Summit Cemetery & Civil War Markes

Each May, Boy Scout Troop #63 places small American flags on the grave site of each fallen soldier buried at Summit Cemetery. The flags remain until November 12th. The Township wishes to thank Troop #63 for their community service efforts.

The Township is pleased to announce the placement of Civil War markers for the veterans buried at Summit Cemetery. Patricia Shelley, a retired Williamston High school teacher, spearheaded the project. It involved locating, identifying and marking each of the graves of these soldiers buried at the cemetery.  She along with another WHS teacher, Dan Keith, designed a weather resistant marker to be placed next to the headstone of the 85 soldiers involved in that epic American struggle. Williamston Rotary Club awarded a grant to Patricia to help in the implementation of   this project. Carl Thelen, a Williamston resident, refined the prototype marker, fabricated and donated all material involved in the manufacturing of the marker stands. Markers were placed on the graves  by Shelley, her brother, Bill Shelley and Mitch Lutzke. Shelley engraved each marker with the soldier’s name, rank and unit.