Williamstown Township


Williamstown Township endeavors to retain its wealth of natural features, prime farmlands, and open spaces, while allowing limited well-planned, low-density residential and commercial development.

Through the Mixed Use Overlay District, the Township has taken unique steps to guide development on the east side of the Township to transition from the City of Williamston to the rural communities of Locke and Leroy Township.

The Green Zone Planned Development District was developed to encourage innovative planning that allows for growth while preserving the rural character that defines the Township.

Though the Township is rural in character, there are guidelines for businesses to follow as outlined in the Zoning Ordinance and the Business License Ordinance. Businesses located in the B-1, B-2, OS-1, I-1 and AG-C districts are required to register their business with the Township. Please contact the Township in the early stages of planning your business to insure that you are in compliance with Township Ordinances.