Williamstown Township

Historical Committee

The Mission of the Williamstown Township Historical Committee is to:

Seek out and promote historical sites in Williamstown Township;
Create a document that identifies the historical sites,
Collect, organize, catalogue as appropriate, and
Preserve historical documents, photographs and artifacts.
Conduct oral histories with long term residents, and to
Collaborate and cooperate with other historical organizations in the region.

Committee Members

Committee Members
  • Steve Eyke
  • Dan Goodnoe
  • Jo Ann Goodnoe
  • Tim Green
  • Rutger Hoag
  • Tom Johnson
  • Joan Wright
  • Wanda Bloomquist, Township Board Representative
Branch School Docents
  • Tom Johnson
  • Dan Goodnoe

Wish List

The historical committee is still looking for donations to complete the interior of the school.

Items on the wish list include:

  • Historic lunch buckets
  • School books in good condition, prior to 1920
  • Recitation bench
  • Appropriate school artifacts
  • Front desks without attached seats and rear seats without attached desks (these are rare)

The historical committee is continuing research into the historical sites of Williamstown Township and oral histories of the area and, in particular, the Branch School. Any information, photos or artifacts you would be interested in sharing would be helpful. If you have an interest in the history of the Township, please volunteer to be a member of our committee by calling Tom Johnson at 517.655.1030.