Williamstown Township

Township Ordinances

Zoning Ordinances (Adopted July 9, 2013)

Article 1 Rules of Construction and Definitions
Article 2 General Provisions
Article 3 Nonconformities
Article 4 Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements
Article 5 Landscape and Screening
Article 6 Walls and Fences
Article 7 Signs
Article 8 Site Development Standards Applicable to Specific Uses
Article 9 Performance Standards
Article 10 Establishment of Zoning Districts
Article 11 R-1, One Family Residential District
Article 12 R-1-S, Suburban Residential District
Article 13 RR, Rural Residential District
Article 14 RE, Rural Estate District
Article 15 AG-SF, Agricultural-Small Farms District
Article 16 MHP, Mobile Home Park District
Article 17 RM-1, Multiple Family Residential District
Article 18 AG-C, Commercial Agricultural District
Article 19 OS-1, Office Service District
Article 20 B-1, Limited Business District
Article 21 B-2, Commercial Center District
Article 22 I-1, Light Industrial District
Article 23 Reserved
Article 24 GD, Green Zone Planned Development District
Article 25 Planned Development | PD, Cluster Housing
Article 26 M-43 Corridor Overlay Zone
Article 27 MU, Mixed Use Overlay District
Article 28 Schedule of Regulations
Article 29 General Procedures and Related Standards
Article 30 Administrative Organization
Article 31 Severability, Repeal, Effective Date, Adoption

Other Ordinances